The Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee (CEDnet) provides a forum and support system that encourages leaders of social and racial justice non-profits in East Tennessee who address the needs of the under-represented. Through connection and sharing, a cohesive community has developed that helps stabilize and encourage leaders in their work.

CEDnet serves as a network of organizations based in low and moderate-income communities in the seventeen counties of Eastern Tennessee, supporting the development of their internal capacity and effective strategies for addressing issues. Our work is based on the principle that diverse people and organizations from across the region can gain greater effectiveness by eliminating traditional barriers and by coordinating with one another to address issues facing our low wealth communities. CEDnet gathers like-minded groups and people together for collective action on issues of common concern, allowing for a greater impact than is available to groups working alone. CEDnet promotes racial, social and economic justice by supporting development of non-profit organizations’ internal capacity, reducing isolation of rural leaders and being a safe forum for discussion on addressing historic barriers between diverse racial populations in Eastern Tennessee, primarily: African-American, Latino and Anglo.

CEDnet is governed by a board of directors. Our quarterly meetings are held at the Highlander Research & Education Center in New Market, Tennessee. These meetings are open to the public with an open invitation to regional social, economic, racial and environmental justice workers to attend, participate and present current issues and work important to their communities.

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