Sustainable & Equitable Agricultural Development

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Our mission is to increase sustainable and equitable agricultural development and promote healthy connections of environment and community-based enterprises.

The SEAD Task Force works in coalition to develop and establish, not only sustainable, but practical, long term, land-based economic projects with rural East Tennessee organizations. Recognizing that each local community’s needs are different, the work of SEAD members is based on participatory environment-led initiatives in support of community members.

Rural Broadband Campaign

The SEAD Task Force is currently engaged in an exciting campaign to bring high-speed fiber optic broadband to rural communities in East Tennessee.

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SEAD’s String of Green Pearls

One of our on-going projects, is the mapping of regional small businesses, community spaces and allied organizations. This project helps our members and fellow travelers identify their community of place and how it relates to the larger network. CLICK ON THE MAP!

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Active Partner Organizations

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